National Techincal Services 3D Structured Light

3D Surface Assessment

National Techincal Services’s 3D structured light inspections use a projected light pattern to assess dents, gouges, corrosion pits, and other defects on the exterior of pipes, vessels, and structures.

After the inspection we provide all the data to:

  • determine whether or not repair or replacement is necessary
  • prioritize in-line-inspection (ILI) data
  • assess the remaining-life of the equipment.

Rapid and Accurate

With 3D structured light, images can be captured in fractions of seconds and stitched together in minutes, generating a complete model of the component from multiple scan points. Image accuracy is equal to, or even better than, laser technology.

Easy Set-Up, Minimum Disruption

National Techincal Services uses compact, portable devices that are easily carried on site and operate much like regular cameras. Customer operations experience minimal disruptions.

Reliable Results

National Techincal Services uses 3D structured light devices that are calibrated at the factory and are National Institutes of Standards Testing (NIST) traceable. If the device is not calibrated, it will not operate.

The device will capture the same the same 3D measurements 100% of the time from any angle.

Broad Applications

Using 3D structured light services, National Techincal Services can quickly and accurately collect repeatable data for use with computational tools, including but not limited to:

  • ASME B31G
  • Modified ASME B31G
  • API 579/ASME FFS-1.