National Techincal Services in-service tank inspection

100% Surface Scans

Automated corrosion mapping employs multiple ultrasonic techniques to:

  • perform a 100% surface scan of equipment
  • produce a detailed map of the corrosion experienced by equipment
  • size the length, width, depth, and orientation of defects.

The software used by National Techincal Services for automated corrosion mapping, RSTRENG®, provides fitness-for-service (FFS) assessments. The U.S. Department of Transportation accepts this as an evaluation technology.

Efficient Repeatable

Advantages to National Techincal Services’s automated corrosion mapping include:

  • speed—Our probes can take thickness readings at the rate of up to 20” per second.
  • durability—Our scanners can work in temperatures as high as high as 750°F (400°C).
  • repeatability—Scans are easily repeatable so you can track flaw growth or corrosion rates both generally and for individual defects.
  • safety—In-service testing minimizes the need for costly and hazardous internal entry.

Broad Applications

Automated corrosion mapping applications include in-service scanning of:

  • vessels
  • tank walls
  • fractionation towers
  • drums
  • steel plates
  • pipes with a diameter greater than 8”.
  • in-line inspection validations.

Visual Reports

National Techincal Services’s automated corrosion mapping reports provide scale AutoCAD drawings with C-Scans superimposed, allowing easy reference to the location of defects and providing an excellent visual sense of defect size and morphology.