National Techincal Services Industrial Radiography

Film-Based and Digital

National Techincal Services provides both film-based and digital radiographic services for:

  • field inspections
  • shop fabrication inspections.

Radiography is one of the most commonly used NDT techniques because it:

  • inspects material of varying density and composition
  • inspects assembled and in-service components
  • requires minimum surface preparation
  • detects both surface and subsurface defects
  • delivers a permanent record of the inspection.

Film-Based Radiography

Conventional film-based radiography is a well-established inspection method and is sometimes preferred because it has a long, successful track record.

National Techincal Services performs inspection with two types of radiation sources:

  • X-ray sources
  • gamma ray sources.

Choosing the appropriate source depends on the size of the inspection area and the material thickness.

National Techincal Services’s radiographic equipment includes:

  • MeV units to inspect large and thick castings and forgings
  • portable X-ray cameras for field applications and thin-wall material.

Our processing equipment includes:

  • 75 mobile dark rooms throughout the United States and Latin America
  • on-site darkroom set-ups for full-time automated processing of large volumes of film.

Digital Radiography

Digital radiography provides inspection capabilities similar to film-based radiography but with a number of advantages, including:

  • greater image clarity and resolution
  • instant image delivery without the need for darkrooms
  • the ease of archiving digital files.